Why fSoft.ro ?

If you're not convinced how fSoft team is working we invite you to get to know each other and take a tour of our web site. You can see more in potofolio section or, if you want, you can contact us directly from here.

Software Services

We can help you choose a unique design, a design that is truly different. Your image is the first thing that you need to take into consideration, and now you can change it with us.


fSoft.ro seemlessly combines web 2.0 technologies (ExtJs, DojoToolkit, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype) with your application's needs. This is how your project comes to life.

Our Team

We have the best professionals. We believe that a successful product is based on a successful team. It's time you know who's working for you.

Portofoliu fSoft.ro

End date: October, 2010: dairysupport

Project link: http://dairysupport.ro
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Programming(see all)

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Web Application
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UI Components
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Design & Print(see all)

Web Design
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Business Cards
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